You can now have a beautiful, healthy glow all year with a Mystini spray tan, the safe & effective way to achieve a sunless beach beautiful tan. Mystini is an awesome way to get an all over tan without harmful exposure to the sun using an organic based solution.

Before Your Mystini®

Now is the time for your Mani-Pedi, not after your Mystini tan. Prior to your Mystini Spray Tan you should be showered. Shave and exfoliate your skin at least 8 hours prior to your tan. The exfoliating process should take place after washing and rinsing your hair and shaving your legs. Should you wish to have your face tanned during the session, remove all makeup prior to tanning. Do not apply moisturizers, oils, perfume or deoderant after showering the day of your session. Skin prep is very important for best results!

Shaving and Waxing: If you shave your legs right before your Mystini Tan rinse with cool water to help close your pores. If you wax, you must wax 24 hrs prior to your tan, and do not wax again until all of your tan has faded, waxing takes off the first layer of skin and can therefore remove your Mystini tan.

Make sure you remove all deodorant or anti-perspirant prior to your Mystini Tan. If you are not getting your Mystini tan in the nude it is recommended that you use an older swimsuit or under garment during the tanning process. The bronzer can be easily removed from natural fibers during a normal wash cycle. We do have disposable undergarments available.

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